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Plain and simple: railings need to keep you and your family safe, and they need to look appealing. You want to know that your railings are sturdily built, code-compliant, and installed right the first time, so that you can get down to the business of grilling out on your deck with friends. If you love a classic belly and picket design, look to Sunspace Aluminum Railing Systems to provide style and safety you can trust. Our railings are suitable for your home, summer cottage, or commercial property.

Why choose an Aluminum Railing System?

It’s safe. We build your railings from structural aluminum alloy to ensure a strong, stable railing. Railings are built to standard code-compliant heights but may be customized to meet your needs.

It’s stylish. Custom-design the railing that works best with your home. Sunspace offers a wide selection of handrail, picket, and belly picket designs. Railings are available in five colors: White, Black, Driftwood, Warm Beige and Tan. Choose the color that matches your new Sunroom or the exterior of your home, summer cottage, or commercial property. We guarantee that our Railing System paint will last.

It’s simple, start to finish. Sunspace provides modular products, manufactured in a climate controlled setting and delivered to your house, ready to install. That saves you the noise and hassle of turning your home into a construction site. Aluminum Railing System can be easily installed on your current deck, whether that is made of wood or concrete. Once it’s installed, your Aluminum railing is easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free.

Style, safety and flexible designs are the cornerstones of our Sunspace Aluminum Railing Systems and fences. With a variety of colors to choose from you have the versatility to color match your new Sunroom or the existing exterior of your home, cottage or business.


  • Virtually Maintenance Free!
  • Built from Structural Aluminum Alloy, Railing System paint is guaranteed
  • More aesthetically pleasing with no visible fasteners
  • Standard code compliant heights with customization available
  • Can be attached to wood or concrete


  • Extruded from 6063-T5 Structural Aluminum Alloy
  • Railing posts come complete with 5" x 5" Cast Aluminum Base with an ABS Cover & Top Cap
  • Available in 30", 36" and 42" heights. Custom heights also available

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