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Expand your living space without the stress of moving to a new home! Our Model 100 Sunspace Sunrooms are a hassle-free way to add on to your home or cottage. Create an extra room for dining, entertaining, or play. Screened rooms let in everything you love about your backyard while keeping out the rain, UV-rays, and bugs that can keep you trapped indoors. Plus, the ventilation and natural light from your screened room can brighten up your whole house or cottage.

Imagine enjoying a summer evening with friends in your new screened room. The breeze and the sounds of the woods or lake around you make you feel like you are outdoors, but your screened porch keeps out mosquitoes and inclement weather.

Our sunrooms make a pleasant space for all your favorite leisure activities. Whether you are looking to create a playroom for the kids, host friends or family get-togethers, or carve out a space in your home where you can relax, sunrooms can meet your needs. With Sunspace Sunrooms, choose the design that’s right for your house.

Sunspace sunrooms are modular rooms, manufactured in our climate-controlled environment to ensure the highest quality. We’ll deliver yours right to your home, saving you the noise and sawdust of doing construction on your property. You can choose to have a Sunroom installed over an existing patio or deck or under a pre-existing roof. Chose the design that’s right for your home, and we’ll take care of the rest. We use only full fiberglass mesh screens for a high quality, durable addition to your home. Sunrooms are available in White, Bronze, and Driftwood.

Not sure which model of Sunspace Sunrooms is right for you? Model 100 Sunrooms can be upgraded to Model 200 Vinyl Enclosures at any time.


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