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The Model 400 Thermal Sunroom by Sunspace offers a new level in comfort. Enjoy the beauty of the yard, woods or lake near your home by adding on a 4-season sunroom. Let in the natural light and fresh air that you love while keeping out the rain, snow, UV-light and mosquitoes that plague you from a porch. Windows easily slide open in the summer to allow for ventilation, and you can click them shut when the temperatures drop to keep your room sunny and cozy year-round.

Four-season rooms offer the huge advantage of being available in winter. Watch the snow fall and observe the wildlife in your backyard from the warmth and comfort of your home. Our Sunspace Thermal Sunrooms offer three-inch extruding insulated aluminum pillars and double glazed windows. That’s an extra inch of insulation over our Model 300 3-Season Sunrooms!

With our virtually maintenance-free exterior, you can spend less time taking care of your house and more time enjoying the activities you love. We always consider R-value, roof projection, snow load in customizing your roof system, and we’ll integrate gutter systems as well. You can choose from among several colors so that your new favorite room fits right in with the rest of the house. Your new sunroom can come prepped for wood paneling as well.

All of our systems are constructed with a high density foam core, ensuring that your new sunroom will last season after season, year after year.


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Thermal Room Walls

High density 3" foam panels keep this room warm and comfortable and the heavy gauge 3" aluminum extrusions offer strong support for wind and snow load. All extrusions have commercial grade thermal breaks reducing condensation and heat loss. All windows are high efficiency glass with Low-E Argon gas adding one more level of protection from the elements.

Patio Room Walls

For seasonal use the Sunspace Patio Room System is just right. High density 2" foam panels and heavy gauge 2" aluminum extrusions will make your favorite seasons last that much longer. Offering a wide selection of top quality door and window systems, this room is custom-designed to fit your needs.

Therma Deck

Therma-Deck is a pre-manufactured floor deck that is both strong and insulated.

Available in 4-1/2" thick R17. 6-1/2" thick R26. 8-1/4" thick R35. Panels consist of Engineered Oriented Strand Board sheets that sandwich the insulating core into a solid product. This eliminates costly foundation work and costly installation labour.

Having a finished surface, your Therma-Deck is ready to receive the finished flooring, such as, carpet, tile, laminates or hardwood. Due to the natural strength of Therma-Deck it is also used as a roofing product. Allowing for shingles on the exterior and a variety of interior ceiling finishes. Ask your dealer for more information on Therma-Deck products and applications.

Sunspace Model 300 & 400 Sunrooms

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